This fascinating neighborhood at the far north city limits of Tehran is worth the travel for a destination run or a trail session. Don’t let the hiking trail to 13,000 foot Mount Tochal intimidate you — the beginning of this pathway runs right through the village, and it’s anything but technical. Runners can take on a run of whatever intensity suits them, starting from the top of Darband Street. Here, a stone walkway mildly ascends past a colorful collection of restaurants and hookah bars, winding upstream via bridges and staircases. After about 2.5 km, the trail gives way to somewhat technical dirt and stone trail, but adventurous (and well-prepared) runners can choose to continue further on a run/hike. 

Another nice place to run, at the south end of Darband Street, is the Saadabad Historical Complex. These green lawns and alluring buildings are popular for walking. Runners who don’t mind a bit of traffic on Darband Street can combine both routes for an out and back of up to ~5 km.

  • Up to 5 km (3.1 miles) out and back
  • 262 meters
  • Darband Street
  • Tahrish Metro Station