The Tiergarten is the running capital of Berlin. A vast, 545 acre green space right in the city, Tiergarten is a running paradise for locals and visitors alike. There are about 14 miles of mainly gravel trails. The Victory Column in the park’s center is a good basis point. From there, heading north has a nice path along the See River. South goes to a small lake, several ponds, and the zoo. Several of Berlin’s important landmarks are also part of this run: Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building (seat of the German parliament), Bellevue Palace (German President’s residence), the Congress Hall, the Kanzleramt(Chancellor’s Office), the remnants of the Berlin Wall, and the Soviet War Memorial. Our map shows a nice 7k tour of the park.

Nice add-on: Schlosspark Charlottenburg, ~2 miles west. Baroque castle surrounded by beautiful gardens, with paths along the River Spree. ~2 mile perimeter run and ~2 miles of paths.

  • 14 miles of paths
  • Relatively flat
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Subway stations in the area