Berlin, Germany

Photo Credit: Nico Trinkhaus.

Berlin, Germany has become one of the most interesting and exciting cities in Europe to visit. You can go back in history to a church from 123o A.D., to the more recent history of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the ever-changing city and rejuvenating neighborhoods. Berlin is a terrific city from a runner’s perspective, but it takes some planning because it is big and sprawling. From the city’s center, there are wonderful runs around some of the most important sites and monuments, along the Spree River, and into some wonderful parks, notably the Tiergarten. Just outside the city, highlights include the Grunewald Forest, Spandauer Forest, Tegeler Forst, and some wonderful parks for running near the convention center and airport. If you have the time, hop on a train and go to Potsdam and do the ‘Palace Run’. Note: If you’d like to have a guided running experience in Venice, we highly recommend our affiliate partner Go! Running Tours

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The Tiergarten is the running capital of Berlin. A vast, 545 acre green space right in the... more...

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Berlin, Germany

The Tiergarten is the running capital of Berlin. A vast, 545 acre green space right in the city, Tiergarten is a running paradise for locals and visitors alike.

Berlin Olympic Park

Berlin, Germany

Inspirational run on the well-preserved grounds of the 1936 Summer Games. There's the stadium and other fields and recreational facilities. Adjacent Mahnmal Ehemalige (Memorial Park) adds ~3 km of nice paths.

Berlin Outskirts Parks

Berlin, Germany

Volkspark Rehberge, Goethe Park, & Volkspark Jungfernheide are great running near the airport. Volkspark Friedrichshain, Spandauer Forest, Tegeler See are also great. Click on link for full details.


Berlin, Germany

15 miles from Berlin and an easy train ride, Potsdam is a fabulous place to visit. Our route highlights the famous castles and landmarks. Great additional options.


Berlin, Germany

The Tiergarten is the running capital of Berlin. A vast, 545 acre green space right in the city, Tiergarten is a running paradise for locals and visitors alike.

Berlin is veberlin-climate-graphry spread out — about 5x the size of Paris, and distances are big. So, best to plan your runs and where to stay, and use the fabulous transportation system with extensive subway (U-Bahn), rail (S-Bahn), and bus lines. Topographically, the city is fairly flat. For some hills, go to Volkspark Friedrichshain . Berlin climate is typical of continental Europe. Winters are cool but not frigid. Summers can be warm and humid but not hot, with lovely long days. Rain is spread throughout the year.

There is a huge selection of hotels in Berlin. The city is very spread out, so best to plan you stay near one of the routes and near a metro station. Recommendations:

  • Western section of Berlin. Large cluster of hotels just south of Tiergarten, and the Kurfürstendamm
  • Lots of hotels in area between Tiergarten and Museum Island.
  • Mitte area. Access to Spree trails, and many sites. Radisson Blu Berlin has Blu Routes
  • East: Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, also good access to Volkspark Friedrichshain
  • Near airport: Don’t despair. Good running here in Volkspark Jungfernheide and Tegler See.
  • Convention Center. Conveniently located. 3km north of Tiergarten, 3km south of Volkspark Rehberge.
  • Spandau. Quite a number of hotels here, and close to forest/park.

Running Stores and Group Runs

Many of the running shoe companies have running stores in Berlin.

Runners Point. Has 5 stores in the Berlin area. Most central is in the Berlin Mall, and in Spanauer. Apparently their Ku’damm location is closed. A fast growing group run culture.

Nike Store. Near Tiergarten. Group runs.

Spreeläufer. Good running store in Prenzlauer Berg area.

Puma Store and Adidas Store, Potsdamer Platz, and a couple of other locations.

Group Runs

Mike’s Sight Running. Has wonderful running tours of Berlin.

SFB running club that meets every Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Siegessaule in the Tiergarten. Groups break up into all levels, from a slow 15-minute run to longer than an hour at a faster pace.

Running in Germany. Good site for info about marathons and other interesting races in Germany.

Berlin Marathon. September. One of the world’s three largest and best marathons. It has two gentle inclines at miles 17 and 21. Otherwise, it’s a fast, flat course through the whole city, and 800 years of history with a spectacular new finish, through the Brandenburg Gate.

Berliner Half-Marathon. April. Nearly 15,000 runners take a 13.1-mile sight-seeing tour of the city. Visit

Big 25 Berlin. May. An undulating urban route that starts and finishes at the Olympic Stadium. Great race, going back to 1981, through Berlin sites.

Berliner City Nacht. Summer. This summer evening 10-K starts at the Europa Center Mall and runs down the Ku’damm.