Tokyo, Japan

Meguro River

The Meguro River winds its way to the Bay through three of Tokyo’ “cities” Setagaya, Meguro and Shinagawa. This is a 5km dedicated pedestrian trail in the heart of Tokyo. Much of it is lined with cherry trees, so it’s a special treat around blossom time. The run passes by (or over or into) some 25 bridges, two parks, a love hotel, two temples and three museums. Our route goes the 2.2 miles between Ikejiri-Ohashi station and Meguro Station.


  • 2.2 miles one-way, 4.4 miles out and back
  • Flat
  • Ikejiri-Ohashi Station in north, or Meguro Station in south.
  • Ikejiri-Ohash Stationi in north, Meguro Station in south