Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Skakavac Walking Trail

Brian Eager, CC BY-NC 2.0

Visitors who would like to explore the scenic hillsides that surround Sarajevo may enjoy a trip to the Skakavac Nature Reserve 10 km north of Sarajevo. The highlight of the reserve is the Skakavac Walking Trail, which leads to the Skakavac Waterfall. It’s a mildly challenging route due to the elevation gain, but the surface is primarily wide, smooth gravel. We recommend sticking to the Put za Skakavac road for the best running conditions, but runners can also form a loop with the nearby singletrack trail. The road from the trailhead to the waterfall is about 6 km out and back. Most of the elevation gain is in the first 1 km — it’s not too bad after that.

  • 6 km (3.7 miles) out and back
  • 227 meters (745 feet). Most of it in first 1 km
  • Put za Skakavac trailhead
  • Nahorevska Road