Trieste, Italy

Giordano Cottur Walking/Cycling path

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The Giordano Cottur Walking/Cycling path (Pista ciclopedonale Giordano Cottur) is the best opportunity for a long off-road run in the Trieste area. The paved multi-use trail, opened in 2010, traces the old Pola- Divača railway line for 10.6 km between Trieste and Draga Sant’Elia. Highlights along the way include Aleppo pines, views to the Rosandra Valley as the path skirts Stena Mountain, and the Church of Stena Maria in Siaris.

The surface is a combination of paved and dirt, and is a steady uphill headed east from Trieste, with an average grade of 3%. One fun option is to run one-way and bus back!



  • 10.6 km (6.6 miles ) one-way to Draga
  • 332m (1092 feet) - steady uphill climb from Trieste, average grade 3%
  • Via Orlandini, Trieste
  • Can run one-way and take the bus back!