Trieste, Italy

A comprehensive guide to the best places to run in Trieste and vicinity

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Trieste is a charming and historic seaport city in northeastern Italy, on the Adriatic coast, near the Slovenian border and 30 km from Croatia. It was one of the most important cities of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and boasts grand buildings in traditional Habsburg style and broad streets and squares facing the Adriatic. There’s a lovely mix of opportunities for running in Trieste, showcasing the seaport, historic center, and surrounding hillside.

A great way to get oriented is to take our Trieste ‘runseeing’ tour, featuring the harbor, historic squares, and climb to the San Giusto Castle. This can be combined with our Trieste harbor route. For more waterside running, the seafront promenade from Barcola to Miramonte Castle is a gem. One of our favorite places to run in Trieste is the Napoleonic Trail, an old road along the hillside featuring stunning views. For some green space, we recommend combining Parco Farneto and Parco di Villa Giulia. The 10 km Giordano Cottur Walking/Cycling path is a good opportunity for a longer off-road run in the area.

For transport, there’s a good bus and boat system in the area.

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Trieste has a lovely climate for running, with warm summers and comparatively mild winters. The seafront location moderates the summer heat, with daytime highs in the 28C (82F) range and lows dipping to 20C (68F). Winter temperatures often hover between 4C at night and 8C during the day, though the occasional Bora wind can drive temps below freezing. The 1,000mm (39 inches) of annual rainfall is evenly spread throughout the year.

Source: Wikipedia

For easy access to nearly all our running routes in Trieste, we recommend staying south of the SS14, and between Via Giosuè Carducci and the harbor.

There are numerous places in Trieste to get running gear. Among our favorites are Sportler, Cisalfa Sports, and Mima Sport Uno.


This site has a good list of running events in Trieste and surrounding area.

Among the signature running events in Trieste is the Trieste Running Festival, held every May.