Trieste, Italy

Trieste ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Creative Commons License: Joergsam

Our 7 km ‘runseeing’ tour of Trieste hits the major highlights, from the harbor and Canale Grande to the major piazzas and the climb up to the San Giusto Castle and Cathedral. A good starting point is the landmark Piazza Unità d’Italia, with its huge buildings overlooking the sea. Head toward the water and do the 0.5 km out and back along the stone pier, Molo Audace. Continue north along the water to loop around the famed Canal Grande and Ponte Rosso. Head away from the water, using one of the streets, connecting to via di Romagna, to run by the Kleines Berlin. Turn RIGHT on Foro Ulpiano, and run by the Synagogue of Trieste, then LEFT on Via Cesare to do an 0.8 km loop around the pleasantly wooded Giardino Publico.

San Giusto Castle. Wikimedia

Exit the park, using the lovely Viale XX Settembre and the Corso Italia to then do the climb up to the San Giusto Castle and Cathedral, using Via di Caboro/Via Capitolina. Exit the complex on the Via della Cattedrale to the Rotonda Pancera, then take Via Felice Venezian and RIGHT on Via di Cavana to return to the start.

Add-Ons: Create your own roue in and out of the maze-like streets of Trieste’s older section. You can also connect to our Trieste Harbor route for some nice waterfront running.

  • 7 km (4.4 miles)
  • 134m (440 feet)
  • Piazza Unità d'Italia