Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad Beaches

Neil J. Spicer

Trinidad is known for its beautiful beaches. While these stretches of sand may be ideal for sunbathing or snorkeling, not every beach is a good running destination. Due to Trinidad’s topography, most beaches are tucked into small coves and surrounded by cliffs and forests. Don’t count on beaches for high-mileage runs, unless you plan on running several laps.  Still, we’ve pointed out the best beaches for running on Trinidad. Most of these feature fairly compact sand near the water, but this can vary depending on day/season/tides.

Maracas Bay Beach: Maracas Beach is one of Trinidad’s most popular beaches, located north of Port of Spain along the North Coast Road. Here you’ll find about 1.2 km (one way) of flat sand. Cut over to Tyrico Beach (just east) for more running. ROUTE MAP

Las Cuevas Beach: Las Cuevas Beach is located just a few minutes northeast of Maracas Bay. The beach along the bay is approximately 2 km (one way). ROUTE MAP

Paria Bay: Another north coast beach, Paria Bay is part of the Blanchisseuse village of Trinidad and Tobago. It’s a small beach at only about 1 km (one way), but noteworthy for its scenery, including a natural arch and a nearby waterfall. ROUTE MAP

Manzanilla Beach: Manzanilla Beach is a long stretch of sand along the Cocos Bay, on the east shore of Trinidad. While the beach here is runnable, the better route option is the 4 km boardwalk along Manzanilla-Mayaro Road, at the northern end of the beach. ROUTE MAP.

Mayaro Beach: Mayaro Beach is located on the east shore just south of Manzanilla. It’s one of the longest beaches on Trinidad, with up to 21 km of beach running between Point Radix and Galeota Port. The sand can be firm and great for running, or sometimes soft/mushy — quite dependent on day/season/tides.  ROUTE MAP

Vessigny Beach: Vessigny Beach is one of the few runnable west coast beaches, located just south of San Fernando. The beach is about 2 km along the Guapo Bay. ROUTE MAP

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