Trinidad and Tobago

Chaguaramas Golf Course / Bamboo Cathedral

Runners can create some fantastic routes on the streets surrounding the Chaguaramas Golf Course, in the Mount Pleasant sector northwest of Port of Spain. There are no sidewalks on these narrow streets, but traffic is relatively light, and it’s a popular pedestrian area. Tucker Valley Road is the main street through Mount Pleasant, with the beautiful Samaan Park as its centerpiece. The Bellerand Road, just west of here, is also quite nice — quite lush with a pretty canopy. The highlight of the area is the “Bamboo Cathedral,” a scenic green tunnel along Radio Tower Road. Runners can follow this fun stretch of pavement out to the Bamboo Cathedral Lookout for water views, or uphill to the old Tracking Station for some hill work.

We’ve created three routes, which can be combined, all starting from Samaan Park:  A 5k Mount Pleasant road loop featuring Tucker Valley Road and Bellerand Road. A 3 km one-way run from From Samaan Park to the Bamboo Cathedral Lookout, and a route including an additional 1.4 km one-way to the Tracking Station (Enchanted Forest). A full route combining the road loop, Bamboo Cathedral, and Tracking Station is 10.3 km (6.4 miles), with an elevation gain of 245m.

  • Road Loop: 5 km; Full loop combining road loop, Bamboo Cathedral, Tracking Station is 10.3 km (6.4 miles).
  • 33-202m; The elevation gain for the full loop is 245m (805 feet)
  • Samaan Park, Tucker Valley Rd.
  • Tucker Valley Road