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Tobago Running Options

Jonathan Buckwell

Although there aren’t many runnable roads on the small island of Tobago, there are some very pretty spots for running, each of them unique in their own way. Best options for trail and beach running include Pigeon Point, the Tobago Plantations, No Man’s Land, and Pirate’s Bay.

Store Bay to Pigeon Point Beach: The best beach running on Tobago is Pigeon Point Beach, a peninsula on the island’s eastern tip. There’s ~1 km of flat white sand on this small, pretty beach. Alternatively, start at Store Bay Beach to the south and run along the coast of Pigeon Point Road to Pigeon Point Beach. Round trip, it’s 4 km. ROUTE MAP.

Tobago Plantations: The Tobago Plantations are one of the must-see destinations on the island. This former coconut plantation bordering the golf club includes quiet paved roads and a boardwalk winding through a maze of mangrove roots. From the intersection of Hampden Road and Tobago Plantation Road, a loop around the grounds is about 6 km. Some ‘golf club’ views, some water views, and lush tropical foliage. ROUTE MAP.

No Man’s Land Trail: No Man’s Land is another gem of the Tobago trail running scene. Follow this path from the trailhead off Golden Grove Road between Mount Pleasant and Canaan all the way to the tip of the peninsula that separates Bon Accord Lagoon and Buccoo Bay. It’s a sandy dirt double track culminating at a beautiful beach — perfect for a run-to-swim! 5k out and back. ROUTE MAP.

Pirate’s Bay/Flagstaff Hill: One of the most unique running routes on Tobago is the Pirate’s Bay Trail, a lush 1 km trail leading from Charlotteville to a secluded tropical beach. The beach is accessed using a secret cement staircase through the jungle, so be prepared for a little bit of hill work! Note the trail can get muddy when wet.

View from Flagstaff Hill. Google Street View

For a scenic, challenging run, combine the ~2 km out and back to the beach with with a trip up Flagstaff Hill. It’s 8.6 km overall, and Flagstaff Hill involves a 320m climb over 3+ km, with some very steep sections. The reward is a fantastic view of the bay. ROUTE MAP TO BEACH. ROUTE MAP TO FLAGSTAFF HILL.

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