Turin Italy

Po River Path

Wikimedia Commons

The Po River is an important park of Turin’s history and geography. There are scenic paths along a nearly 9 km stretch of the river, which make for a fantastic run. The best paths are located on the west side of the river, passing through the historical center, numerous parks, and with views to key sites and the mountains to the distance.

One can start near the city center, at the border of Parco del Valentino. Head north, for up to 8.6 km, to the A4/Savoia Bridge. The paths are fairly seamless along the water, becoming more pastoral/rural headed north. At the start, great views across the river to the Gran Madre and Monte dei Cappuccini churches. Some key distances, from Parco Valentino (km/mi):

4.0/2.5  Parco Coletta (nice add-on paths)
6.0/3.7  Parco della Confluenza

From this Parco Confluenza north, the paths pass through several additional parks, to the Savoia Bridge.

Add-Ons: Additional paths in Parco Valentino, Coletta


  • 8.6 km (5.3 miles) one-way
  • 37m (123 feet) over 8.6 km one-way
  • Southern end: Parco del Valentino/Turin Center