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A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Turin

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Turin is an important business and cultural city in northern Italy. Capital city of Piedmont, Turin has a lovely setting on the left bank of the Po river, surrounded by mountains and the Alps in the distance. This classic Italian city also has numerous important museums, churches, and grand piazzas. There’s excellent variety of running in Turin, from scenic waterfront paths to important parks, with some excellent hill and trail running nearby. Note: If you’d like to have a guided running experience in Turin, we highly recommend our affiliate partner Go! Running Tours

The best places to run in Turin are the paths along the Po river, which can be combined with the signature Valentino Park and even our ‘Runseeing’ Tour. Run the grand paths of Mandria Park — the second largest enclosed park in Europe, or on the extensive grounds and gardens of a former hunting lodge, Stupingi Natural Park. Another nice run is combining Pellerina Park and Dora Park, with paths on the Dora River. A great running adventure right in the city is to take the cog railway to Superga, and run the trails from the top. Parco della Rimembranza is another good hill/trail running  opportunity.

Many of our routes are centrally located and easily accessible via transport. Turin has a metro, trams, and buses. Note the weather can be hot in the summer, and the surrounding hills can get some snow in winter. Turin was the site of the 2006 Winter Olympics.

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Parco Pellerina and Parco Dora

Turin, Italy

A run through two parks and along the Dora river, with lots of options for variety. Parco Pellerina has ~4 km of lovely paths for running, with numerous sports facilities and lakes. Adjacent Parco Dora is more modern, with wide paths and an industrial look.

Turin’s weather is a bit different than the Mediterranean climate typical of Italy. Summers are pleasantly warm and not too hot, with average high temperatures of 27C (low 80sF). Winters are cool and can be cold, with highs in the 7C (mid-40sF) and lows dipping below freezing (-3C). Precipitation is more abundant in summer, owing to occasional thunderstorms and downpours. Winters are drier and there can be occasional snow — more so in the nearby mountains. Note that the surrounding mountains can be cooler and snowier.

Turin is an important business center, as well as a popular visitor destination. There’s a large variety of centrally located hotels. From a running perspective, try to stay within reasonable proximity of the Po river paths, if you want a great run just outside your doorstep.

Turin has a good number of running stores, and outdoor gear stores that carry running apparel. See the overview map for specifics and locations. Some of the best:

Base Running

Run Italia. Group Run information

RUN Atletica & Podismo

Montura Shop. Outdoor and running gear

Grassi   Athletic gear

Mizuno Shop.


Group Runs

Run Italia does group runs Wednesday and Friday 7pm at Piazza d’Armi,

Other group run information: