Turin Italy

Two Park ‘Athletic’ Run: Ruffini Park, Olympic Complex


For an ‘athletically minded’ run, we recommend a route combining Ruffini Park and the Olympic Stadium complex just southwest of central Turin. Ruffini Park is a combination park and recreational complex, featuring tree-lined paths, an arena, and a small stadium with a publicly accessible running track, athletic fields, outdoor fitness machines, and tennis courts. One could do about 1 km within this park, or enjoy the track.

For a good 5-miler, we recommend running over to the Olympic Stadium complex, about 2 km away. There are numerous streets that can be used, but we recommend using Via Vincenzo Lancia at the north end of the park to get to Corso Racconigi, which is a wide, busy street but has a grassy median with a bike/running path. Run for 1.5 km south, into Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto Park, which is a large city park with numerous paths, fields, basketball courts, a running track, and sculptures. Take a jaunt around the 1933 Olympic Stadium, home of Torino FC. For the return, take Corso Sebastopoli, passing through Parco Rignon, and then Corso Siracusa.

Note: Transport access is a bit better to Veneto Park, so the route could be started there.

  • 8.1 km (5 mile) loop
  • 31m (103 feet)
  • Ruffini Park or Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto Park
  • Bus or tram access -- it's a bit better to Veneto Park, so could start the route there