Turin Italy

Turin ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Flickr: TravelingOtter

This is our ‘runseeing’ tour of Turin, showcasing some of the city’s scenic and architectural highlights over a run of up to 11.5 km, with many options to vary/shorten the distance. We’ve created a route map that is more of an outline of a tour — use it as a guideline.

We start on Via Roma, near the Porto Nuova metro station. Via Roma is the main commercial street. Head east for 1 km, through central Turin, passing Edmondo De Amicis monument, and the square around the Piazza Cln/San Carlo Borromeo Church/Emmanuel Philibert Monument. After 1 km, reach the impressive Piazza Castello, a historic city square, where you’ll run through the gardens and grounds. Then along the south side of the Dora river, briefly. The University of Turin campus is on your right, and worth a quick jaunt.

Short Option: Take Corso Carlo Luigi Farini/Margherita down to the Po River, saves 2-3 km from the longer route.

Parco Colletta Wikimedia Commons

Main Option: Our longer option crosses over to the west side of the Dora, taking tree-lined Via Alfonso Varano, passing a cemetery on the left, into the lovely Colletta Park, which has wide, tree-lined walking paths, a swimming pool, and other athletic facilities. Make your way to the river paths, then cutting back south over the pedestrian bridge, then taking the Po river path paralleling Lungo Po Antonelli for just over 3 km. Return to the start along Via Guiseppe Mazzini or one of the other side streets running between the river and Via Roma.

Add-Ons: Lots of opportunities to add-on using the numerous streets in the center of Turin. West of Piazza Castello, in the Quadrilatero Romano area, there are lots of pretty, shaded streets with cafes and shops. Can also enjoy some of the longer streets running between the river and Via Roma (Via Po, Via Giovanni Giolitti, etc.)

  • Full run is 11.7 km (7.3 miles); Shorter option cuts ~3 km
  • Some up and down
  • Via Roma at Porto Nuova Metro station
  • Metro: Porto Nuova