Turin Italy

Stupingi Natural Park

Wikimedia Commons

Located 10 km southwest of Turin, Stupingi Natural Park is a verdant option for a run. The park is anchored by a vast hunting lodge built in 1731. The park grounds are a mix of woodland and agricultural land.

This is a treat for running. One can easily put together a couple of km around the wide paths and grand gardens around the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi (the hunting lodge, now luxury residences). There are a series of straight roads/paths that run length of the park, southwest from the Palazzina to the SP142 road — about 5 km. The width of the park is ~4 km at its widest.


  • Roads/Paths are ~5 km lengthwise through the park, and ~ 4 km widthwise at the widest point
  • Generally flat
  • At the hunting lodge (Palazzina)
  • Car access but also possible to take a bus from Turin to Stupingi