Turin Italy

Superga Basilica and Trails

Flickr: M. Maselli
Wikimedia Commons

The domed Superga Basilica sits on the top of a hill overlooking Turin, 672m above sea level. The area around it, Superga Hill Regional Park, features some quiet roads and trails that are good for shaded, hilly running.  One could run/hike to the Superga Basilica, but it’s a serious climb, 440m with some very steep sections and challenging footing. Use Senterio 29, which starts at the Magic Mike Yamaha dealer. A better bet is to take the old cog railway to the summit, which boards in Sassi. There are great views from the summit. From the Basilica, there are numerous running options — there’s a trail map in the parking lot.

Wikimedia Commons

North of the Basilica, there are some trails that lead down (or up, if you decide to run/hike to the summit), which are a combination of wooded and fields, passing by fields and leading down to the river. In the actual nature park, just south of the Basilica a better bet for running is to follow the Strada dei Colli (also called Panoramica), which is a quiet, mainly wooded road with occasional views. A gravel path runs alongside the road. For a fairly flat run, it’s 3 km to Monte Aman (loses 100m elevation). From Monte Aman, you can return to the summit, continue along the main road for another 5 km downhill to Pino Torinese (and catch a bus back to Turnin), or run on some of the trails heading down toward Sassi (trail map in Monte Aman parking lot). Note: the trails are steep and challenging for running.

  • A full loop run is ~ 7.5 miles and very challenging; We prefer the 3 km run from the Basilica to Monte Aman
  • From the summit, it's ~100m of elevation loss to Monte Aman. It's a 440m climb to the summit for those who choose!
  • Cog Railway station in Sassi, to Basilica at summit
  • Cog Railway station in Sassi. One can drive or take a bus to Superga as well.