Tuscany, Italy

Pisa ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Visit Pisa’s top tourist destinations with this 10 km tour of the city, which passes the famous leaning tower and Pisa Cathedral, the Cavalieri Square, and the picturesque historical centre. You’ll also travel to lesser known gems away from the main touristic zones. The route begins on Via Filippo Corridoni near Pisa Central Station, then heads north through Park Giardino Scotto to cross the river into San Francesco. Explore the stunning old world architecture of this area, then loop south through Santa Maria. Head west along the river, then cross at the Ponte Della Cittadella, travelling east along the Lungarno towards San Martino. The route then passes some churches and piazzas before returning to the start via Sant’ Antonio.

This route is also available as a one day trip from Florence with Go! Running Tours Florence. Experience all the sights of Pisa, eat at a traditional Tuscan restaurant, and have time to stroll the city.

Thanks to Go! Running Tours Florence for their help planning this run. Check them out for more information on running tours in Tuscany.

Note: For a shorter run in Pisa, the Lungarno along the Arno River, between Citadella and Vittoria bridges, is quite nice. Or, check out our guide to the Viale Della Piagge

  • 10 km (6.5 miles) tour/loop. Shorter option: see description
  • 33 meters (107 feet)
  • Via Filippo Corridoni
  • Pisa Central Station