Pisa, Italy

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This is the Great Runs guide to the best places to run in Pisa. It’s part of our larger guide to running in Tuscany. The best places to run in Pisa are: our ‘runseeing‘ tour, which hits the highlights; the marina/waterfront area; a run along the Arno River; and the Parco Regionale Migliarino, a huge park with a great variety of terrain for running. For a longer off-road run, check out the Ciclopista del Trammino.

See also some of our other Tuscany running routes near Pisa:  waterfront runs in Viareggio to the north and Livorno to the south; and the Walls of Lucca only 1/2 hour drive away.

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Tuscany, Italy

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Pisa ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Pisa, Italy

Visit Pisa’s top tourist destinations with this 10 km tour of the city, which passes the famous leaning tower and Pisa Cathedral, the Cavalieri Square, and the picturesque historical centre.

Ciclopista del Trammino

Pisa, Italy

The Ciclopista del Trammino is the best opportunity for a long, flat off-road run in the Pisa area. The paved multi-use path goes for up to 12.8 km from near the centre west to the Marina, and then south. Pastoral and open with fields and farms.