Verona, Italy

Verona ‘Runseeing’ Tour

From its charming old city to its long linear parks, Verona offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Enjoy the city’s top architectural and tourist sights with our 7.7 km “runseeing” tour. Note: Ponte=Bridge

Begin at the Ponte Nuovo and run west to the Monumento Romeo e Giulietta. Turn RIGHT up via Cappelle to enjoy the balcony of the Casa de Giulietta, then enter Piazza della Erbe to see the Torre dei Lamberti. Cut through Piazza dei Signori and turn RIGHT onto Via Arche Scaligere to see Casa di Romeo. Return to the waterfront and turn LEFT up Lungodige Tullio Donatelli.

At Ponte Pietra, cross the river and turn left past Piazzetta San Giorgio. Cross the river again at Ponte Garibaldi and turn RIGHT on Lungodige Panvinio. Just after Ponte della Vittoria, pass the Basillica San Lorenzo and turn LEFT. Turn RIGHT onto Corso Cavour and RIGHT onto Guglielmo Oberdan, which will deliver you to Piazza Bra and the Ampitheater.

Follow Via Roma west to Corso Castelvecchio, then turn LEFT past the castle. At Porta Palio, you’ll find the paths of Parco delle Mura leading east along the wall. Follow them back to the Adige waterfront, then head north to return to the start.

  • 7.7 km (4.8 miles)
  • 33 meters (108 feet)
  • Ponte Nuovo
  • Lungadige Rubele Bus Stop