Verona, Italy

The Best Places to Run in Verona. See Also Our Guide to Nearby Lake Garda

Verona is located along the Adige River in north central Italy. This delightful city is a major tourist destination for its artistic heritage — many visitors will remember Verona as the home of the star-crossed lovers in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The scenic surrounding farmland and fantastic architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site make running in Verona a special treat. If you’d like to have an in-person guided running experience in Verona, we highly recommend our friends at Go! Running Tours.

We’ve mapped an ~8 km “Runseeing” Tour that shows off the architecture of Old Town and the riverfront. There are plenty of great options around the Lungadige of the Adige River. Some of the best places to run in Verona are multi-use paths such as the Passeggiata Montorio Ferrazze San Martino, the Canale Biffis, and the Ciclabile del Prongo.

The main part of Verona is extremely walkable, but there’s also a fantastic bus service connecting the city and surrounding suburbs.

For more nearby runs, check out our guide to running at Lake Garda, which is only 30 km west of Verona.

Lake Garda Running Guide

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Lake Garda Running Options

Verona, Italy

We've developed a separate running guide for this popular vacation destination located 30 km west of from Verona. Highlights include 75 km of lakeside promenades, additional multi-use paths, and oodles of trail running options in the surrounding hills.

Verona has a climate typical of northern Italy. Summers are warm to hot and quote humid, while winters are cool. In summer, average hight are in the 29C (85F) range, with warm nights. Winter temperatures climb to 6C (43F), and lows dip just below freezing. Snow and ice are relatively rare. Precipitation is fairly evenly spread throughout the year.

Most Verona hotels are centered around the Old Town and Citadella. See Verona’s tourism website for more options.

Verona Runner is the most popular running store in Verona, though there are plenty of other shoe shops around.

Check out Verona Movimento for group runs and other athletic events, or join Italy by Run for a running tour.

Verona holds the Verona Marathon each fall, and the Giulietta e Romeo Half Marathon in February. See Running in Italy for other local races.