Verona, Italy

Ciclabile del Prongo

The Ciclabile del Prongo is a perfect route to enjoy the rural scenery of the hills and farmland surrounding Verona. This wide gravel multi-use path begins on Via Mefistofele, near the park in Santa Croce. It carries north through several miles of farmland, then bends east to meet Via Pantheon in Santa Maria In Stelle. It’s about 5k to this point, but this quaint village is worth some exploration. Follow Via Pantheon, which turns to cobblestone, past the Ipogeo di Santa Maria in Stelle. Then, run up the Piccolo Stelvio Verona trail to finish your run. The tough climb (150m over 1.5 km, grades up to 13%) is rewarded with great views. It’s 3 km from Stelle to to the Arx Silentina at the top of the hill. Overall, the route is up to 8 km one-way.

  • Up to 16 km (10 miles) out and back
  • 186 meters (609 feet) -- most of that in the Piccolo Stelvio Verona climb
  • Parco Santa Croce
  • Via Verdi Bus Stop