Warsaw, Poland

Royal Route

This is an 11.5 km ‘runseeing’ tour of the best of Warsaw. Starting from the Royal Castle in Old Town, the route runs through Ujadowski Castle and Lazienki Park, and ends at the Palce in Wilanowa. There are historic sites, parks, shops, restaurants, and a mix of the elegant, grandiose buildings of Old Warsaw to the Communist-era apartment blocks.

Castle Square

There is a bike path along most of the route, and the 116 Bus runs along most of the way as well. Key points:

  • Start at Palace Square in Old Town. Take Krakowskie Przedmiescie, passing several shops, churches, restaurants and the Presidential Palace
  • At 1.8 km, take Nowy Świat Street, past the National Museum. Follow to Three Crosses Square
  • Take Ujazdowskie Ave., passing by several government offices and embassies, reaching Łazienki Park at the 4 km mark.

  • Run in the park or along the street, to Belwederska.
  • At 6 km, it turns into Sobieskiego St., where there are shops, restaurants, and communist era apartment blocks. On the left is the Ogródki Działkowe garden, in Mokotow.
  • Follow Sobieskiego to Aleja Wilanowska, just past the 10 km mark.
  • Turn left on Aleja Wilanowska, to the Wilanów Palace, a restored 17th-century royal palace with a museum of fine arts, a baroque garden and a landscaped park.
Detailed Description of Route





  • 11.5 km (7.1 miles) one-way
  • 100 feet (one-way)
  • Royal Castle on the Palace Square in the Old Town or any other point along the way
  • Bus 116 runs along most of route