Westchester County, NY

Tarrytown: Bridge, Waterfront, Tarrytown Lakes Park & Pocantico Hills

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Pocantico Hills. Google Street View

Some of the best running options in Westchester County are in the Tarrytown area. See our separate routes for the Mario Cuomo Bridge, Rockefeller State Park, and North County Trailway.

Hudson River Run. A wonderful run along the water from the Tarrytown train station to the Philipse Manor train station: RiverWalk, Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse, Kingsland Point. For a longer run, combine with Tarrytown Lakes, which is 1 mile east of the train station.  ROUTE MAP

Tarrytown Lakes/Pocantico Hills. Combine a loop around Tarrytown Lakes with the eastern Buttermilk Hill/ Pocantico Hills section of Rockefeller State Park. A good place to start is the parking lot just off the Saw Mill Parkway. There’s a multi-use path that runs along the southern side of the lake for 1.5 miles. A full lake loop is 2.8 miles, using Neperan Rd. (caution: no shoulder in sections). To access the Pocantico Hills, take Lake Rd. north for 0.6 miles (caution: no shoulder). A loop of the Pocantico Hills trails, a quieter section of Rockefeller SP, is ~3 miles and quite hilly. The footing is generally quite good. Return via Lake Rd. Can combine with a nice section along the Hudson River — use Nepean Rd. Main St. for 1 mile west.

Add-Ons:  Additional carriage trails in Rockefeller State Park, southern gate off Lake Rd. The North County Trailway is just east of Pontantico Hills (but not directly accessible). The Old Croton Trailway State Park trail runs through Rockefeller State Park.


  • Full loop of Tarrytown Lakes & Pontantico Hills is 8 miles (13 km)
  • 619 feet (189m)
  • Parking lot off Saw Mill Pkwy. Can also start at Pontantico Hills
  • Parking lot off Saw Mill Parkway.