Windsor, UK

Eton College Tour

Wikimedia Commons: Dhowes9

This is a scenic tour of Eton and Eton College, featuring lots of variety in a 5.4 mile route: the main commercial street of Eton, spectacular buildings of the Tudor-era boys’ boarding school, paths along two rivers, a park, and beautiful meadows!

Start next the Eton Riverside train station and cross the iconic Eton Walkway bridge over the Thames. Enjoy a brief jaunt along High St., the main commercial street of Eton, with its many fun pubs, restaurants, and shops. Just past the Eton College Chapel, turn RIGHT at Burning Bush onto the small road to access the trail next to Fellows Pond, leading to the Thames Valley Athletics Center, which has a great running track. Here, we suggest you run north along the Eton College Athletic Fields, which feature a 1/2-mile tree-lined median path leading to the Jubilee River. Turn LEFT onto the Jubilee River path for 0.5 miles, passing the Jubilee Riverside Centre, and then turn LEFT onto a path that leads south for 0.5 miles to the Observatory and Eton Great Common. Enjoy a lovely jaunt along the Common for 0.6 miles, turning LEFT at The Walk or Sheepcote Rd. to a path that connects Eton Wick to the Thames path. Turn LEFT onto the Thames path and run east along the river for ~1 mile to the A332, crossing onto the south side and continuing along the river, completing the route with paths through the riverside Alexandra Park.

Add-Ons: Many miles of paths along the Thames River and the Jubilee River.



  • 5.4 miles (8.7 km) loop
  • Flat
  • Eton Walk Bridge, next to the Windsor Eton Riverside train station