Windsor, England

The Best Places to Run in Windsor. See also our guides to London Central and London Suburbs

Windsor is a town on the Thames River just west of London, home to the 11th-century Windsor Castle and the Tudor-era Eton College. It’s a popular visitor destination and an easy train ride from central London. For a relatively small area, there’s a wonderful variety of scenic running in Windsor, UK.

We’ve developed four separate routes, though they can all be combined in numerous ways. Probably our favorite run in Windsor is Windsor Great Park, which includes the unique, tree-lined Long Walk that extends from just south of Windsor Castle. There are wonderful paths along the Thames and Jubilee rivers, including a loop around Dorney Lake, where the exertions of the Eton rowing crew will spur you to pick up the pace! We’ve also included a tour of Eton Village and Eton College, which includes High St., iconic architecture, parks, meadows, and river paths…all in one 5.5 mile run!

One can drive to Windsor and there are numerous car parks. Trains run hourly from London and take about 45 minutes. All our routes are accessible from the town center.

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Windsor weather is similar to that of London and its suburbs. There can be long stretches of damp and overcast. In summer it can be warm, but it is rarely hot. It is humid, however.  Winters are dark and chilly but there’s rarely snow — sort of like Seattle or Vancouver. Note that winter days are short, averaging only 8 daylight hours. Conversely, there are lovely, long summer days when the sun sets past 10pm.



There are two great running shops right in central Windsor.

Cotswold Outdoor Sports. Great outdoor wear store which has partnered with Runners Need and carries their clothing in their store.

Cliff Roe Sports is a tennis and running shop, with a long history.