Windsor, UK

River Thames Path, Dorney Lake, Bray Lake

Dorney Lake. Google Street View

The River Thames path in Windsor is a classic river run. We love combining this with the 5k loop around Dorney Lake, which comes right off the path, and eve Bray Lake for a longer run. The Thames paths along the north side of the river are mainly dirt, stretching for nearly 6 miles to just past the Bray Locks. At the 2.2 mile mark, a great option is to do the 3.1 mile loop of Dorney Lake, which is the site of the Eton Rowing Club. It’s a real treat to run along the lake’s median path, with views of the rowers doing their thing.

Key distances along the path, staring from across the train station:

2.2 miles: Dorney Lake (optional 3.1 mile loop around the lake).
4.5 miles: Trumper’s Field (M4) & Dorney Village Hall
5 miles: Bray Lock

Add-On: Bray Lake. From Dorney Lake/Thames path, the loop around Bray Lake is a scenic add-on. It’s ~1 mile to get there along a path from Dorney Lake, and a 1.5 mile loop around the Bray Lake, 2/3 of which is on an off-road path.



  • River Path: Up to 5.8 miles (9.4 km) one-way; Dorney Lake Loop: 3.1 miles (5 km)
  • Flat
  • Thames Path starts just across from the Windsor train station; Dorney Lake can be separate route or at 2.2 mile mark of Thames path
  • Windsor train station; Car park at Dorney Lake