Wrocław, Poland

Promenada Staromiejska

Some of the best running in the center of Wrocław is along the Promenada Staromiejska, a lovely walkway bordering the Fosa Miejska, Wrocław’s former moat. The moat has been converted into a lively green park, with numerous asphalt and cobblestone paths. As the most front and center path, Promenada Staromiejska runs about 2.5 km from Pl. Jana Pawła II station to Galeria Dominikańska station, passing  through Park Staromiejski and Park Wzgórze. The path is the nicest option for an out and back, but runners can also form a loop on the sidewalk of Powale or bulwar Tadka Jasińskiego.

  • 5 km (3.1 miles)
  • 9 meters (30 feet)
  • Park Staromiejski
  • Pl. Jana Pawła II station or Galeria Dominikańska station