Zagreb, Croatia

Dotrščina Memorial and Woods

An important memorial is located in the Spomen-park at Dotrščina, where 7,000 people were tragically killed in World War II. The memorial itself, located a few kilometers northeast of the city center, is important to see. Just north of the memorial, there there are paths that are pleasant for a hike or challenging trail run. It’s 3.3 km from the memorial to the end of the path, or a 7.5 km out and back, using a 1 km path that diverts from the main path for variety.

The paths are fairly wide and shaded, making this a good option on a hot day. Note this is very hilly, climbing some 500 feet over the first 3 km, with a grade of up to 7%. It’s pretty much an up and down.

  • 7.5 km (4.7 miles) for full out and back
  • 530 feet, grades of 6-7%
  • Memorial in Spomen-park