The run around Lake Jarun, located about 5 km southwest of the city centre, is one of the prettiest in the Zagreb area. This lake is a large recreation area with numerous multi-use paths, facilities for water sports in summer, skating in winter, and more. The area is quite open and grassy, and the paths have great views of the water.

A full tour of this area, including a couple of small islands that are connected to the mainland, is just over 12 km (7.6 miles). Of course, this can be shortened to do any distance you like. We start the run at the Jarun light rail station, where you’ll head toward the lake using the wide, park-like Ul. Hrvatskog Sokola. Our route is counter-clockwise around the lake. Going out to Otok Univerzijade and Otok Trešnjevka adds ~2 km out and back, and the jaunt out to Otok Hrvatske mladeži similarly adds 2 km out and back. Otok Veslača adds 0.5 km each way. The stretch along the northern, narrower section of the lake is straight and flat — great for interval training! (and a popular rowing spot)

  • Full loop including the small 'islands' is 12.3 km (7.6 miles)
  • Flat
  • Anywhere, but our route starts at the Jarun tram station
  • Tram runs along Horvaćanska cesta (street)