Zagreb, Croatia

Tuškanac and Pantovcak Neighborhoods

This is a hilly running tour of a couple of Zagreb’s scenic residential neighbourhoods. Tuškanac is a scenic neighbourhood in the city centre of Upper Town of Zagreb, well-known for its parks and a famous cinema. Start at the National History Museum and run steadily uphill along Jurjevska ul., a road with minimal traffic and pleasant scenery of adjacent parks and homes. At ~2.5 km, you’ll reach reaching Cmrok, a large hilly green park that attracts locals for winter snow sledding and Sunday summer strolls. Run along Gornje Prekrižje, and then loop around the park o Pantovcak, where the the Croatian Presidential Palace is located. Here, you’ll start heading downhill past some well known Embassies and Consulates before heading back downwards along Pantovcak street then turning left at Zelengaj street at the ~6 km mark, passing by Park Zelengaj. The route brings us down to to the British Square (Trg Britanski), location of a busy open air farmers market every day until 2pm, and the Iluzija museum. Returning back to the start point, get ready for some climbing over Aleksandrove Stube (stairs) and back to Tuskanac street where this route began.

  • 10 km (6.2 miles) loop
  • 178m (585 feet)
  • National History Museum, near St. Mark's Church
  • Bus access #150