Aarhus, Denmark

Skødstrup Trail

This hiking and biking route from Skødstrup village to the coast clocks in at 4.6 km one-way. Skødstrup is a pleasant suburb 15 km northeast of Aarhus and easily accessible via light rail. Runners can pick up the path on either end, starting from the Skødstrup Church and ending at the Kaløvig harbor marina, or vise versa. The route follows a paved path and utilizes the old Studstrup heating plant service road. While that may sound oddly industrial, the woodland path traverses quiet and scenic countryside before arriving on the coast.

Add-On: Can continue south for 4 km to the Egå Marina paths. About half of it on a decent road (Åstrup Strandvej), the other half on separate gravel waterfront path (Havbakkevej).

  • 4.7 km (one way)
  • 44 meters (143 feet)
  • Skødstrup Church
  • Skødstrup St. (Aarhus) Light Rail Station