Agra, India

Agra Grand Tour: Fort, Taj, Shahjahan Park

This ‘runseeing’ tour of Agra covers many of the city’s visitor highlights and is a real run to remember. You’ll get a tour of the Fort, Shahjahan Garden, and of course, the majestic Taj Mahal. The full route is 12 km, although there are options to do it in segments.

Agra Fort.

We recommend starting at Delhi Gate or Amar Singh Gate, at the entrance to the Agra Fort. Do the ~3.4 km loop this red sandstone fort, with its impressive double ramparts and monuments. Then run along the path leading to the Taj, with views of it from a distance. You’ll have to go through an entrance gate. The next section is a highlight, as you run through the impeccably landscaped Taj Mahal Garden, built in the Persian style, to the Taj. Run back through the garden, and then run along the Taj Nature Walk, for up to 1.5 km to the Kalakriti Culture and Convention Centre. The park is dotted with high grasslands. Then retrace your steps and run through the Shahjahan Garden (park), a scenic green space, with brick-lined walkways and views of the Taj.

Shahjahan Garden. Flickr: Chris Porter

Options: Shorten the route by eliminating the Taj Nature Walk or not doing the full fort loop. For more, there areĀ  additional paths in the Taj Mahal Garden.

  • Up to 12 km (7.5 miles)
  • 77m (253 feet)
  • Delhi Gate or Amar Singh Gate
  • Agra Fort train station