Anchorage, AK

Far North Bicentennial Park

Easily accessible from midtown Anchorage, Far North Bicentennial Park is a great choice for a simplified trail run close to town. There are numerous access points around the park, but the go-to trails for runners are the Hillside Cross Country Trails (also popular for skiing). The tangle of trails in this area can be confusing for first-time visitors, but running on the wide multi-use trails is a treat. Start at the Hillside Parking Lot off Abbott Road and hop on the multi-use Tour of Anchorage Trail. A loop is about 5.3 miles. Some sections are lit at night!

Note: this area is safer for running in winter. Bears frequent the salmon streams in summer. Some trails are set aside for X-C skiing in winter, under certain conditions. 

  • 5.3 miles (with shorter and longer options)
  • N/A
  • Hillside Parking Lot
  • Abbott Road