Arras, France

Arras Runseeing

Flickr: Dumphasizer

Arras is a great small city to explore on foot. From the historic Citadelle to the impressive downtown squares, there is a breadth of interesting architecture in this UNESCO World Heritage site. Runners can explore most of the area on park paths and sidewalks. We’ve mapped a 5.6 km tour of the city that hits some of the top sights. (Pair with our Citadelle route for more distance).

Start from the Heroes Square (Plaza des Heroes) in the center of the city. Head north on Rue du Cardinal and take a lap around Grand’Place. Then cut back through the square, past the Beffroi d’Arras and toward the Musee des Beaux-Arts d’Arras. Just past the museum, take the charming Pl. du Theater through a commercial and residential area toward Parc de Allees. Follow Av. des Fusilles southwest through Jardin du Gouverneur to arrive at the Citadelle. The Citadelle is surrounded by a huge swath of parkland, so runners can add as much or as little mileage as they like here. After exploring the Citadelle, take the same route back past Pl. Victor Hugo, then continue RIGHT onto Rue Ernestale. Turn LEFT onto Rue Desire, right onto Pl. des Etats d’Artois, and LEFT on Rue Wacquez Glasson (past the Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste d’Arras) to return to Plaza des Heroes.

Add-Ons: Additional paths and trails at La Citadelle.

  • 5.6 km (3.5 miles)
  • 24 meters (80 feet)
  • Plaza des Heroes
  • Rue de Justice