Arras, France

The Citadelle

While we’ve included The Citadelle in our runseeing tour, this area has enough paths to make a great route of its own. The Citadelle is a 17th-century fort that was demilitarized in 2008, and is now a visitor destination and park. There is a whole network of dirt paths winding through forest and farm fields just west of the Citadelle walls. Our route skirts the south wall and ventures out into some lovely country scenery. The farm paths form a pretty straightforward loop around the Citadelle, and runners can return on the north side for a circuit of about 5 km. Highlights include the Mur des Fussilles memorial, the Chem. du Citadelle, and the ponds on the north edge of the park. There are tons of opportunities to extend the route on or off road, but be advised, some of the farm paths can get muddy. 

  • 5 km (3.25 miles) loop, with options for more
  • 30m (99 feet)
  • Jardin du Gouverneur
  • General de Gaulle