Arras, France

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Arras

Arras is the historic center of the Artois region of northern France. It’s located at the confluence of the Scarpe River and the Crinchon River, and known for its remarkable architecture and history. There aren’t a lot of places for running in Arras due to the city’s small size, but there are some very scenic and pleasant spots, focused on the Scarpe river, and some of the lovely surrounding farmland.

Most runners flock to the Scarpe to run along the riverbanks on Chem. de Halage. We’ve also created a Runseeing tour of the town center (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and the Citadelle, a 17th-century fort which expands into a huge network of trails. Also in the countryside, the Sentier du Mont Saint Vaast and the Chem du Warluquet are beautiful options surrounded by pastoral farmland.

Arras is small, and a great city to explore on foot. There is a free electric bus system runs between downtown and the Citadelle, but otherwise not much public transportation. You may need to hire a taxi for some of the out-of-town routes like Sentier du Mont Saint Vaast and Chem du Warluquet.

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Arras has an oceanic climate affected by the North Atlantic current. Summers are mild to warm, with daytime temperatures in the 23C range (73F) and cool nights (13C, 54F). A layer might be needed at any time of year! Winters are cool and damp, with lots of overcast and daytime temperatures in the 6C (mid-40s) range and lows near freezing. There can be limited sunshine in winter. The 742mm (29 inches) of annual rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year.

Most Arras lodging is centrally located near the city center. Find a list of places to stay at

Arras has a Run Fitness location, as well as a few chains like Courir and Intersport.

For group runs, check Running Arras for upcoming events.

Arras has a popular 10k, as well as some cool trail races. See the marathons.ahotu site for upcoming events.