Arras, France

Sentier du Mont Saint Vaast and Parc Grandes Prairies

Parc Grandes Prairies is a lovely green space located along La Scarpe in Sainte-Catherine-lès-Arras, just north of Arras proper. Runners will find a good selection of paved and dirt paths criss-crossing the park, as well as some cool wooden bridges and staircases. From the parking area on the south bank of the river, there is a 1 mile loop. There is also a .5 mile loop on the north bank, but no bridge to connect the two loops. 

For a longer run, the Sentier du Mont Saint Vaast is another good option nearby. This 12.5 km loop follows a series of dirt paths (and a few pretty country roads with good sidewalks/shoulders) around the Sainte Catherine and Saint Aubin area. The route is not always well marked, so runners may have to rely on our GPS route map (be sure to charge your phone!. Rolling hills!

  • 12.5 km (7.7 miles) loop
  • 110 meters (362 feet) - Rolling hills!
  • Rte. de Lens
  • Rte. de Lens