Bakersfield, CA

Central Park at Mill Creek

Flickr: Rain 0975

Central Park, located just east of downtown, is one of the most attractive public spaces in the city of Bakersfield, with a network of concrete and cobblestone trails spanning the waterfront of Mill Creek. Most runners access the park at 20th and R Streets. From here, you can access trails heading north and south from either bank of the river, forming sort of a linear park. The longest possible route follows the loop north for 0.6 miles, then continues south to the Beale Memorial Library. Here, runners can cross Truxton Street and continue south on Q Street to meet the paths of Danielson Park. At California Ave, backtrack to 17th Street, then follow the opposite bank of the river north. The run is a short 2.25 miles, but very enjoyable.

  • 2.25 miles (3.5 km) loop
  • 21 feet
  • 20th Street
  • 21st and Q Bus Stop