Bern, Switzerland

Bremer Loop, Bremgartenwald

Wikimedia Commons

Bremgartenwald is a fantastic spot for a wooded trail run, only 3 km from central Bern. The so-called ‘Bremer Loop’ is a network of marked jogging loops, along wide paths through the woods with generally good footing. There are two main access points: West entrance (Bern Bethlehem) or East Entrance (Bern Neufeld). The Neufeld entrance is closest to Bern — only 3 km from the city center!  Also in Neufeld, just across the main road (the E27), is the Neufeld Stadium, which has a nice jogging track.

The area is very well laid out for running. The marked, color-coded paths/trails that form the ‘Bremer Loop’ range in length from 1.9 km to 17.3 km.  MAP


  • Marked loops range from 1.9 km (1.2 miles) to 17.3 km (10.7 miles)
  • Some rolling terrain
  • Either east or west entrance
  • East entrance (Neufeld) is closest to central Bern; West entrance (Bethlehem). Can be reached by transport, running, or car park