Bern, Switzerland

Klee Museum, Parks, Sports Center

Wikimedia Commons

This run includes a loop around the gorgeous grounds of the iconic Paul Klee Museum, and then two large parks that are part of the Stade de Suisse soccer stadium, ending at the Wankdorf sports complex, which has numerous fields and a great track for running. Use our map as a guide rather than a specific route.

Grosse Allmend park. Wikimedia

Start near the ‘Paul Klee Zentrum’. A loop of the open grounds surrounding the two large exhibition halls featuring 4,000 works is ~ 1 km. Make sure you get to the observation deck! (Luft-Station). Then, connect to the Kleine Allmend park, 1 km away using the Schosshalden cemetery paths or the road just east of it (Mehr Vogel). The loop around Kleine Allmend is ~1 km, and then the  ~1 km loop around the adjoining Grosse Allmend. Both these parks are basically large lawns. From Grosse Allmend, use Tschäppätstrasse to cross the main road to the Stadium complex, which has a nice path leading to the Wankdorf, and that fantastic track. Our route ends here at the 7km mark.  For the return, it’s ~ 2 km back through the parks. Can also use public transport from Wankdorf  to zip back to central Bern (tram or train).


  • 7.1 km (4.4 miles) one-way, not including track
  • 39m (127 feet)
  • Paul Klee Museum
  • Easy transit to Klee Museum. Or, it's a ~2 km run from central Bern