Bern, Switzerland

Tierpark, Elfenau, Embassy Row, English Park

Elfenau Park. Wikimedia Commons

This is a pleasant run on through a couple of pastoral parks on the eastern side of the river, with an option to view some of the major embassies located in Switzerland’s capital.

Elfenau Park. Wikimedia Commons

We begin at Tierpark, which is also the location of the zoo, Dählhölzli + BärenPark. It’s a ~ 2km loop around the park’s wooden paths. Next, head south the Aare River path for ~ 2 km, to reach Elfenau park. The path is quite pastoral, with some water views. Elfenau is one of the more popular walking/gentle hiking spots near Bern, with pretty paths through woods and around fields, and an Orangerie. A loop of the park, which has some hilly spots, is 1-2 km. For the return (1.3 km), retrace your steps along the river path.

Alternative Return/Add-On: Just north of Elfenau is the Brunnadern area, which is a residential area containing numerous embassies. You can use Brunnadernstrasse and then Elfenstrasse, then run through the Tierpark to the start.

Longer Option: Access from Bern (adds 2.6 km one-way). A lovely way to access Elfenau from Bern is to start at the famous Bear Pit (Bärengraben), and run along the Aare river to Tier Park. From Bärengraben, take the river path south to Englische Anlagen (English Garden), which is lined with impressive trees. Continue through the Kirchenfeld (museum quarter) to the zoo/Tierpark.


  • 6.6 km (4.1 miles)
  • 92m (301 feet)
  • Tierpark
  • Transit: Bus 19