Bern, Switzerland

Aare River Path: South


We’ve mapped two routes along the Aare, forming a classic European river run. This is a loop headed south of central Berne, as far as the Eichholz state park, with a section returning on the eastern side. Note: (brücke=bridge). Can combine with our adjacent northern Aare loop.

Marzili Pool Complex. Wikimedia Commons

Start on the river near the Nydeggkirche church/Läuferbrunnen fountain. Head south, the first 0.5 km along a road, joining a river road/path through the tony Schwarzes Quartier. Continue along the river path paralleling the Aarstrasse. At 2 km, reach the famous Freibad Marzili, a recreation area with several outdoor pools and an outdoor fitness park with a backdrop of historic buildings. At 2.7 km is the Sportplatz Schönau, a sports complex with fields and an outdoor track (shorter loop: cross pedestrian bridge here). Continue for another 1 km to the Eichholz state park, and turn around, running for 1 km back to the pedestrian bridge (5k mark), crossing to the eastern side. This is the Tierpark/zoo, which has nice paths for running (option: run 1 km south along the river to Elfenau). Run for 1 km north along the eastern side river path, paralleling Dalmaziquai, crossing over the Dalmazibrücke to return to the start.

Longer Run Options: At Eichholz, can run further south along the river path for several km, or around the paths of Tierpark or Elfenau on the eastern side. Can also combine with our northern Aare River Loop.

  • 7.7 km (4.7 miles); Can combine with north loop. Additional add-on options
  • 92m (305 feet)
  • Near the Nydeggkirche church/Läuferbrunnen fountain
  • Right near city center