Bremen, Germany

Weser River Loop


A classic European river run on paths along both sides of the Weser, featuring parks and terrific water views. A full loop is up to 14 km, though there are shorter options. The west end of the path starts 1 km west of downtown, near the Performing Arts Center. The wide path features a brick surface and concrete surface, with great views of the water and historic center. Continue through the Schlachte (downtown waterfront embankment). Past downtown, the river path continues through Deichwiese and Osterdeich parks, reaching the Weser Stadium and sports complex at 4 km (great running track here). Continue on waterside paths to the Erdbeerbrücke [brücke=bridge] at 6.7 km, crossing to the south side of the river. For the return, there’s a path along the river (Fresenweg/Strandweg), or in parks along the Kleine Weser and Werdersee.

Options/Add-Ons: Starting in the historic center will save ~4 km. You can also combine with out other river routes in Bremen:  Kleine Weser and Werdersee and Wallanlagen routes, or enjoy additional paths in the parks.

  • Full loop is 14 km (8.7 miles)
  • Flat -- 15m (52 feet)
  • Path starts 1 km west of downtown near the Performing Arts Center
  • For west end start, tram stop Bremen Eduard-Schopf-Allee (lines 3,5)