Bucharest, Romania

Tineretului and Carol Parks

The Tineretului neighborhood, popular for its proximity to Bucharest center, sprang up as a working class housing constructed by the city’s young people (Tineretului means youth in Romanian). With the neighborhood, residents constructed a beautiful sprawling park of the same name. Today, the park remains an especially gorgeous place for a run, with long tree-lined paths stretching out along a scenic lake. There’s also a a bike and sports complex. For extra length, runners can easily add in a visit to the nearby Carol Park, which is famous for its imposing mausoleum — just use caution crossing over Calea Șerban Vodă! Our map combines the two parks for a distance of roughly 6 km, but options for shorter or longer routes are plentiful.

There are good add-on options with other adjoining parks to the east, including Children’s World Park. There’s also a Wellness Center and Swimming Pool.

  • 6 km (3.7 mile) loop of both parks
  • 64 meters
  • North Tineretului Entrance
  • Metro: Tineretului