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The Son Tra Peninsula is a popular excursion for those visiting Da Nang. The hilly, verdant area is known for its beaches, quiet fishing villages, giant Lady Buddha, Monkey Mountain, and fantastic views. It’s also a great area for runners to explore, given the scenic and lightly trafficked roads. The main route is along Hoàng Sa Road, from Green Lake to North Beach (10 km one-way). At the Ngã ba Bãi Bắc along Hoàng Sa, option to explore explore the eastern end of the peninsula or the challenging Monkey Pass. Numerous additional (but hilly) options for both road and trail running.

Hoàng Sa Road. From Green Lake, the first 5 km is fairly flat. After 2 km, reach a complex of Buddhist temples, and the Son Tra Linh Ung Pagoda, featuring a 67m tall Lady Buddha. At 5 km, reach South Beach (Bãi Nam). This could be a good turnaround spot, as the hilly section starts here. The road climbs 120m over 1.5 km around the peninsula, featuring great views of Mũi Súng and the beaches below. The next 2 km to Ngã ba Bãi Bắc (intersection) are gently rolling. Here, Hoàng Sa Rd. continues straight for another 1 km to North Beach and the elaborate Intercontinental Resort. There are some additional smaller, hilly roads to explore here.

Option: Eastern End of the Peninsula. From Ngã ba Bãi Bắc, run along the small road/wide walking path for 3.4 km to the eastern end of the peninsula, where the main attraction is a series of 800-year-old heritage trees, including a giant banyan, plus some great views. Note this features a nearly 200m climb over 1.5 km. There are some additional, hilly roads and paths to explore at the eastern end of the peninsula.

Option: Monkey Pass/Sơn Trà (Marble) Mountain. From Ngã ba Bãi Bắc, Monkey Pass is a verdant, steep road that leads to the summit of Sơn Trà Mountain. It’s a nearly 600m gain over 7 km, with steep grades. Not technical, but still a major challenge, especially with the heat. The summit can also be reached with a 15 km run in a counterclockwise direction, from Lê Văn Lương Rd.

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  • It's 10 km from Green Lake to North Beach using Hoàng Sa Road; Additonal 3.5 km to eastern end of peninsula
  • 265 m (872 feet) along one-way route from Green Lake to North Beach -- but the first 5 km is flat; The route to the eastern end of the peninsula features a steep climb
  • West end: Green Lake; Or park at other visitor spots along the road