Fukuoka, Japan

Shika Island / Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

Shika Island and the peninsula that connects it to the rest of Fukuoka boast some of the best views in coastal Japan. Some runners like the 6 mile Kin-in-kaido Ave that circumnavigates the coast. The views are nice, but there is not much of a shoulder, except for the stretch along Katsuma Beach (there are bike sharrows, so people do run it). ROUTE MAP

If you’re looking for waterfront views with a little more protection from traffic, the Uminakamichi Seaside Park on the peninsula is a good option. There are miles of beachfront running (go at low tide for the best sand conditions), as well as some paved park paths. We’ve mapped a 5.5 mile loop around the park paths to demonstrate the possibilities. 

Add-Ons: Our Island City route is nearby, including Kashiihamakita Park. Use the Uminonakamichio Bridge to get there (decent pedestrian path).

  • 9 km (5.6 miles)
  • 24 meters (78 feet)
  • Tourist Information Center
  • Gannosu or Saitozaki Subway Station