Hudson Valley, NY

Walkway Over the Hudson, Hudson Valley Rail Trail, Dutchess Rail Trail.

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Run along the world’s highest and longest pedestrian bridge! A running highlight in the Hudson Valley is the newly opened Walkway Over the Hudson, a recently opened pedestrian bridge over the river.  There are fantastic views of the Hudson, the Catskills, and the nearby Mid-Hudson Bridge. It’s 1.5 miles over the bridge on a wide, paved path. There are parking areas and facilities on both the Highland and Poughkeepsie sides. On the Poughkeepsie side, you can take the Walkway Elevator Access Path down to the water and do an extra 0.5 miles along the Waryas Park Promenade.

Hudson Valley Rail Trail. On the Highland (west) side of the Walkway, the Hudson Valley Rail Trail is a pleasantly shaded, paved multi-use trail that continues for 4 miles west through Highland & Lloyd. Headed west, it’s a gradual uphill. ROUTE MAP

Dutchess Rail Trail. On the Poughkeepsie end, the Dutchess Rail Trail is a paved multi-use path that extends for nearly 13 miles east and south miles to Hopewell. From the Walkway, it’s 1 mile to College Hill Park (nice park with 1-2 miles of paths, hills, & monuments), 4.5 miles to Rt. 55 (Vassar College is 1 mile west), 11.5 miles Lake Walton Preserve, and 12.8 miles to Hopewell Junction. At the southern end of the trail in Hopewell, connect to the new Maybrook Trailway, which runs for 25 miles to Brewster (included in our Westchester County Running Guide).




  • Walkway: 1.5 miles; Hudson Valley RT: 4 miles from Walkway west to end; Dutchess RT is Up to 13 miles one-way
  • Walkway is flat; Hudson Valley RT is 391 feet one-way headed west; Dutchess is 505 feet over 13 miles
  • Walkway: Highland or Poughkeepsie ends; Rail Trails: Numerous start & access points
  • Parking areas at either end of Walkway; Dutchess RT has numerous access points