Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Beaches

For some typical Florida beach running, consider the 11-mile strip of some of Florida’s most gorgeous and relatively uncrowded beaches. At the north end is Hanna Park. From here it’s 2.5 miles south to the community of Atlantic Beach; another 1.5 miles to Neptune Beach; 2 more miles to Jacksonville Beach; and a final 5 miles to Ponte Vedra.

The key is to avoid loose sand and run as close to low tide as possible. Most running experts agree that packed sand delivers less stress to the joints than the asphalt of the road or the concrete of the sidewalk. It also helps to find a stretch of flat beach that won’t force you to modify your natural running stride. The best sand to run on is in Jacksonville is said to be on Neptune and Atlantic beaches, a stretch that runs about 4 miles.

Jacksonville Beach Tide Table


  • Up to 11 miles. ON BEACH
  • FLAT
  • Various Starting Points
  • Parking at the major beach areas