Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Beaches

Jacksonville’s beaches are located 20 miles east of the city. A nearly 11-mile strip of continuous beach forms the ‘Tri-Beaches’ area, consisting of Atlantic, Neptune, and Jacksonville beaches. At the north end is Hanna Park. Run any one of these attractive and relatively uncrowded beaches, which have numerous access points and parking areas.

From Hanna Park,  it’s 2.5 miles south to the community of Atlantic Beach; another 1.5 miles to Neptune Beach; 2 more miles to Jacksonville Beach; and a final 5 miles to Ponte Vedra. There is generally firm sand near the water, especially at low tide, when the beach is also wider. Locals say the best stretch, from a firm sand perspective, is the 4 miles combining Neptune and Atlantic beaches.

Add-On: There are six miles of running trails in Hanna State Park, at the northern end of the beach area.

Jacksonville Beach Tide Table


  • Up to 11 miles. ON BEACH
  • FLAT
  • Various Starting Points
  • Parking at the major beach areas