Kuwait City, Kuwait

Al Shaheed Park

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Outside the Corniche, our other favorite place to run in Kuwait City is Al Shaheed Park. This beautifully landscaped park features walking/jogging paths, a museum, restaurants & botanical gardens. It’s ~2 km from one end of the park to the other, including the Al Shaheed Park-Phase 2, just across Cairo St. Along the paths, you’ll see a museum, numerous outdoor desert sculptures, a central fountain, and a small lake. There are good views of Kuwait’s skyscrapers when running toward the water. Al Shaheed Park is part of theĀ  Kuwait National Cultural District, and is a recognized ‘green roof project’, tyring to bring the benefits of greenery to this dry, developed desert city.

Add-Ons: The Corniche waterfront path is 1.5 km away. Use Mohamad Abdulmohsin Al Kharafi St.

  • ~2 km from one end of the park to the other
  • Flat